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About Bre SwaGz

If when you hear “Rapper” you imagine an artist mumble rapping or sing rapping, think again. Bre SwaGz is a mix of raw new school rap, conscious hip hop, official commercial artistry and her music is extremely captivating to say the least. When asked why she raps, Bre SwaGz says “I fell madly in love when I was seven years old and ever since I’ve been searching for that feeling in everything I do and everywhere I go, unsuccessfully. Without this, my therapeutic release, I am miserable. I have lessons I gotta share, information to give and I’m going to change the world.” In 2016 Bre SwaGz founded NDG Entertainment and released her first EP “Most Doubted” in 2019. The influence of 90s hiphop is never overheard in her sound. With her lyrics, she tells stories in the course of which the listeners find themselves. Releasing 9 music videos for her Most Doubted Ep. Her intensive, boundless and insightful lyrics recently caught the attention of The Lox’s very own, Jadakiss and he appears on her 2020 EP, Most Doubted 2. “With my new EP Most Doubted 2, I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m just positioning myself in the universe,” - Bre SwaGz told NDG. “Im starting to envision myself as a Hip Hop/Rap legend.” Bre SwaGz is an artist who took her mistakes and turned them into lessons. These lessons molded her into a superstar songwriter, hip hop artist, performer and CEO. It’s time the entire world knows who she is.

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