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Born in Greensboro NC, Antione Johnson is better known in his hometown as P.O.T.S (Prophet.Of.The.Streets). As many rap artist before him P.O.T.S early years were not all glitter and gold. Growing up in a struggling, single parent household, he decided to become estranged from his family and it soon led to a life of crime. Although he was well known for his wrongdoings, he was even more known for his ability to capture a crowd with his lyrical storytelling. His skills were evident when he qualified for "Making The Next Hit" Hosted By Young Jeezy's dj, DJ Farenheit Of CTE. Due to catching a federal case P.O.T.S. lost the competition but, was featured on the mixtape with the likes of Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Freakey Zeakey. After surviving his bid and realizing how his lifestyle may have ruined his big chance, Prophet decided to use his music to keep him out of the streets. Every time P.O.T.S wraps his hand around the mic, the crowd is guaranteed to invision his words. With his upcoming mixtape "The Prophecy: Return of the Truth" P.O.T.S declares death to all wack wrappers. Featuring his dedication to the late Muhammad Ali, entitled "The Greatest" P.O.T.S. proves his ability to rap on any beat and on any subject. As one of the first members of The KONNECTED Music Group, he is definitely a artist you want to keep your eyes and ears opened for.

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