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Buzzing Rap Artist From Bogalusa,La With a wad of Franklins weighing down his pocket, burgeoning rapper Marks Edward Amos IV aka FG Famous pompously strolled through Atlanta’s ritziest mall, Phipps Plaza, looking for opportunities to lighten the load. Clad in fitted distressed jeans with a slight sag, a flower-patterned jacket, shimmering necklace, and knotty mane crowning his thin frame, all eyes were on him and his crew as they visited stores worthy of his patronage. Shopping with no frugality is the dream of virtually any aspiring entertainer and FG, 19, is finally realizing his. Direct from his hometown of Bogalusa, LA, he’s in Georgia’s capital for a video shoot and photo session to keep things fresh for his growing legion of followers worldwide. After discovering his gift to freestyle well-constructed rhyme patterns themed around what FG was exposed to daily— gunplay, hustling, women, loyalty, hardship, and making money—it was time to let the world know. “I was seven when I started really rapping,” he says in a mellowed out, Bayou-seasoned accent with a lot of “Ya heard me?” affirmations. “Where I’m from back home, there was nothing really to do but get high, play basketball and hang out in the streets. I had to do something. We don’t even have a spot to go see a movie where we’re at. Nothin’.” Besides FG’s clever wordplay, candid disclosures of everyday life and energetic delivery, his slightly high-pitched voice reflecting what Eazy-E, Freeway, and B-Real flourished with is another standout. It’s a formula that has success written all over it. Gathering money through whatever means necessary in the beginning, FG booked studio sessions, created songs laced with repetitive high hats, dramatic synths, 808 booms, and baselines laced with mostly promised demise of anyone who crossed him. Utilizing social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Worldstar, and Instagram to post his songs and videos built a remarkable following. There was evidently a significan

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