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Equal parts R&B and Trap (“Trap-n-B”), Don Toliver has Houston, TX in his DNA. Growing up listening to dominant regional figures like Big Mo and Mike Jones, he developed his soundscape - which includes distinct lyrical rhyme schemes combined with futuristic, forward approaches - after broadening his influences to include artists like Pharrell, Sade, Marvin Gaye, and Dom Kennedy. The result is an expressive and quick-witted artist who’s able to embody multiple vibes in one – ride out music, turn-up anthems, chill playlist, wavy jams... While he does play around with effects like auto-tune, Toliver does it more so for style vs. using it as a crutch (you’ll hear reverb and some effects to create a slightly elevated sound in areas). “I want people to imagine everything in my music,” Toliver mentions. “I want them to take it in so they can mentally and visually feel it. My sound is so different. I’m bringing a new culture into the music game.” Toliver grew up always knowing he could sing but lacking the necessary tools to apply his talents. At the age of sixteen he got the chance to record his first song, “Bitch I’m in the Building,” at his makeshift studio at home. After receiving local recognition and grinding shows at local venues like Warehouse Live, Vanguard Warehouse, Notsuoh, The Secret Group, Ciroc Studios - Toliver gained access to Barron Studios, where he has honed his craft and now currently records most of his music. Without using a pen, Toliver steps into the studio to vibe off the beat and come in on the fly with a hook, filling in after with the verses. This year, Toliver plans to immortalize one of his greatest influences with the release of his forthcoming mixtape, ‘Donny Womack’ (a nod to the legendary R&B singer, Bobby Womack). The tape will include recently released cuts like “I Gotta” and “Diva.”

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