Girls Like You (Remix)


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About Girls Like You (Remix)

NoxBond is an independent artist that is obviously very intelligent and driven. What NoxBond brings to the table is lyrics by the handful. If you have been looking for substance then look no further. Real Life Music is full of authentic intelligent and clever lyrics such as . ."I remember you cuz my dreams are lucid, tie you up like loose ends and drown in your juices" . Fuck Your Feelings is the new mixtape based on The Billboard Top 10 and features remixes to the hits "Taste", "FEFE", "I Like", "Better Now" and many more. Follow Nox on @instagram and support Real Life Music. This artist is available for drops, features, and appearances CONTACT BOOKING INFO NoxBond : 316-883-9929

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    06. NoxBond - Girls Like You Remix


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