Wasted Time


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About Wasted Time

Established in 1991, Rhythm-N-Poetry is a Hiphop duo out of Augusta, GA that has always stayed true to their original sound which incorporates boom bap drums and sample-driven material. It is all about the music! Listeners can expect to hear live instrumentation and experimentation with various genres without straying away from the foundation of Hiphop. “Wasted Time” has a rock feel with lyrics that focuses on using your time wisely, staying productive, and avoiding the pitfalls of the street life. Enjoy the video for “Wasted Time” https://youtu.be/xpKYHbP1KIc, check out the back catalogue available on all major platforms. CONTACT BOOKING INFO tangiblerecordingz@gmail.com 678-653-3292

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    Rhythm-N-Poetry _Wasted Time_


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